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STR Inspection Services is uniquely qualified to assist its clients with Asset Management and Project Quality Assurance, Welding Quality Control and Welding Supervision and Weld Procedure Development. Our staff has over 30 years’ experience in industries including Oil and Gas, Pulp & Paper, Chemical Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Mining and Power Generation. STR Inspection Services is AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 accredited with DNV-GL in the fields of;
  • • Asset Inspection (AICIP- In Service Inspection of Boilers, Pressure Equipment and Pressure Piping)
  • • Welding Supervision and Weld Procedure Development
  • • Project Quality Assurance (QA)
  • • Welding Quality Control (QC)
All work is carried out in accordance with relevant standards/codes, occupational health and safety legislation and the client’s requirements. Clients can reap the benefits of outsourcing or supplementing labour for asset inspection or Project QA and Welding QC with the assistance of STR Inspection Services-benefiting from our vast depth of skills, allowing specialists to keep up to date with external changes and supporting your business to focus on core capabilities. We provide the required information to satisfy the Occupational Health and Safety Authority and relevant Codes/Standards. You can rest assured that all requirements and obligations will be delivered to the highest standards.

AICIP In-Service Inspector Training

STR Inspection Services now offers a twice-yearly intensive training course to prepare applicants sitting their AICIP ISI examinations. Courses are held before the AICIP exams and are recommended for people such as: Welding inspectors, mechanical and process engineers, NDT technicians and Pressure Equipment operators. For more information on a course, please contact Rob at 0487 400 002 or Selena at selena@strinspectionservices.com.

Quality Policy

At STR Inspection Services, we all share the responsibility for continuous improvement of our quality management process and believe that our program, supported by our Code of Ethics, will ensure the delivery of high quality service to our clients. Doing so, we will establish STR Inspection Services as the preferred supplier in Asset Integrity Inspection, Welding Inspection, Welding Procedure Development and Project QA services in the areas of quality, health and safety, environment, and social responsibility. Our quality management system provides the framework for continuous improvement of our internal management processes and resources, giving our organization and its clients the confidence that the provision of services will be delivered consistently to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, ISO 9001 Management System requirements, best industry practice and customer standards. STR Inspection Services will engage suitably qualified, skilled, and experienced people. Our quality policy will be communicated clearly to all employees within our organization to ensure that it is understood by all within the business. This quality policy will be reviewed for suitability on a regular basis as part of the STR Inspection Services Quality Management Review Meeting, completed by the Quality Manager and Company Directors.